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VELOCITY Enterprise Insights | Adoption of Agile methods - Part 1 of 2 - VELOCITY Enterprise Insights

Adoption of Agile methods – Part 1 of 2

July 27th, 2018

Adoption of Agile methods are no longer limited to startup organizations. Increasingly, medium to large size enterprises are realizing the benefits of Agile and are embracing its principles in day-to-day operations.  For these organizations to take full advantage of the benefits of Agile, the scope needs to be scaled up to include Strategic Planning and Budgeting functions as well as scaled out to account for IT Infrastructure and Assets.

Velocity Enterprise Insights from TCI is an Enterprise IT Management Solution that provides organizations with the tools and methods needed to scale Agile upward and outward.  Enterprises can gather insights at all levels of their organization from Strategic Planning, to Investment Management, through Project/Portfolio Management, and IT Infrastructure and Asset Management.  This interconnectedness provides awareness of upstream and downstream impacts across Departments, progress towards achieving strategic goals and objectives, organizational capacity and resource load, sound project management principles, and alignment to the organizations IT assets and infrastructure.

Utilizing Velocity for Scaled Agile implementations provides organizations a mechanism for optimizing efficiency. This innovative software suite helps gain visibility of resources, plan commitments, and track progress. Organizations can Accelerate Software Development and Delivery through Agile (SAFe/Scrum/Kanban) best practices. Specialized modules can be added for capabilities like Shared Services Management. Shared Services Management includes planning and allocating resources, monitoring capacity and costs, identifying risks, and improving traceability.

Features include:

Business Value Management

  • Manage strategic priorities, initiatives, & key objectives
  • Align resources & metrics w/ organization performance
  • Budget planning & forecasting

Transformation Planning

  • Define value streams & roadmaps
  • Engage business, technology, & human resources
  • Align capacities to milestones & releases

Delivery Management

  • Manage estimations, tasks, schedules, & risks
  • Measure team and organization velocity & variance
  • Integrate cross-functional activities

Enterprise Reporting and Analytics

  • Analyze team and project insights via dashboards
  • Optimize portfolio and organization performance
  • Drive deeper stakeholder engagement


Part 2 of this post will discuss how  multiple stakeholder of an organization can benefit from Velocity Enterprise Insights dashboards, reports, and analytics.

….. to be continued