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VELOCITY Enterprise Insights | Business Agility Without Blind Spots - VELOCITY Enterprise Insights

Business Agility Without Blind Spots

May 29th, 2018

Business agility depends on streamlined synchronization, alignment, and transparency among three (3) core stakeholder functions:

  1. Mission/Business Management
  2. Capability Development
  3. Operations Management

Typically, additional support is provided by cross-cutting and shared Finance, Security, Human Resource, and Legal functions. Improving business agility requires lean-thinking and unified tools to engage everyone necessary to the identification, planning of required capabilities, design and efficient production of working products and/or solutions.

Blind spots in businesses occurs due to the inherent complexity of the business functions, organization structures, processes, and disjointed tools. Blind spots are avoided and complete business agility is achieved by focusing on the entire Value Cycle (Figure 1) to provide transparency and continuous feedback. These allow the enterprise’s goods and services to match either internal or external/market demand and use cycles.

Figure 1: Entire Value Cycle

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) from Scaled Agile, Inc. provides a Lean-Agile framework for rapidly improving business agility by enhancing end-user experience and accelerating time-to-market of your products, solutions and services.

We specifically developed the VELOCITY solution as a fully customizable and scalable Business Agility Management toolkit, looking at the end-to-end view and perspective rather than focusing on a single program, division or department. VELOCITY helps organizations continuously synchronize business and product functions. Through development feedbacks, opperational intelligence, and effective communication with the consumers, we’re able to deliver value on a timely basis.

Learn more about our unified Enterprise Agile Management, DevOps Management, and Lean Portfolio Management, and Shared Services Management capabilities as well as how you can improve business agility without blind spots by utilizing VELOCITY.


Contact us for a Demo on how VELOCITY can help accelerate your business agility at VelocityDemo@tricorind.com.