Innovate rapidly by continuous synchronization, alignment and transparency

June 6th, 2018

Practicing a culture of transparency and effectively engaging employees is critical to improving business agility and thereby realizing the full potential of the enterprise. The culture and practices instilled to share all the relevant information, along with reasoning for business decisions, enable all individuals and teams to innovate efficiently, while avoiding work duplication and optimizing their performance.

Sharing all the relevant information behind the business decisions, goals and objectives leads to deep understanding and a complete buy-in related to the strategic themes, actionable plans, roadmaps and priorities.  Leveraging this common understanding and frequent synchronization among the diverse stakeholders in the organization including; product management teams, sales and marketing teams, product delivery teams, domain and subject matter experts, and operations support teams. Business agility can be significantly improved based on the continual refinement and alignment of all work, with this comes appropriate resource allocation and unnecessary risk avoidance as depicted in


Figure 1 Business Agility Lifecycle Management 

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More specifically regarding;

  1. 360 Degree project and portfolio / program management across the enterprise
  2. Strategic planning with linked objectives
  3. Prioritization projects based on strategic objectives
  4. Management and efficient use of limited resources
  5. Improved coordination through collaborating across the enterprise, and beyond.
  6. Manage large portfolios and programs with multiple teams and developments