Keeping product delivery on target!

February 10th, 2018


Track hundreds or thousands of work items and development and operational tasks using VELOCITY toolkit.

The key to effectively managing the product delivery is planning and designing for Value and building Agility into delivery pipeline. Value-driven design (VDD) is the core concept embodied in the Agile Product Development and Management.

Work alignment and associated tasks across cross-functional and multidisciplinary teams is made easy with VELOCITY which provides complete line-of-sight and alignment of the planned Value with detailed product and feature breakdowns structures. Complete work and workflow items (aka activities and tasks) visibility and traceability is provided via. aggregated and rolledup view of features, detailed requirements, changes and dependencies/blockers via. Unified Backlog based on the underlying work/scope items such as

  • Product Level Breakdown captured via. Epics (functionalities) and Capabilities (enablers)
  • Component Level Breakdown captured via. Epics and Features
  • Projects Level Breakdown captured via User Stories.

TCI’s VELOCITY provides organizations the ability to catalog, manage, and measure Product Capabilities and their perceived value for meeting product goals and objectives, as well as corresponding technical, business, and organizational impacts.  Access to this type of knowledge and information provides stakeholders with powerful data-driven insights to determine how to best plan and optimize their work and product delivery by avoiding rework and unplanned work.

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