The Challenges and status of devops maturation – Beyond automation

April 4th, 2018

The major blockers to DevOps adoption published in 2018 Global Developer Report.

Recently published 2018 Global Developer Report revealed the key challenges in the DevOps transformation journey beyond Automation (ex: Continuous Integration – Continuous Deployment (CI-CD) Pipeline Automation).

Based on our experience supporting a variety of enterprise projects and initiatives, a potential cause for the following excerpts and challenges is rooted in lack of Visibility into how all the work is Aligned with the top-down direction, and decisions are made about their work.

From the 2018 Global Developer Report.

“While nearly all agree it’s important to work in a collaborative environment and a strong majority (81%) say it’s easy to collaborate with their team and others within their organization, visibility and transparency continues to lag with nearly half of developers (42%) reporting unclear direction as their top challenge to getting work done.”

“While developers and managers are culturally aligned, workflow and tooling roadblocks delay delivery, preventing teams from reaching their maximum potential.”

TCI’s VELOCITY provides organizations the ability to catalog, manage, and measure IT assets and their perceived value for meeting strategic goals and objectives, as well as corresponding technical, business, and organizational impacts.  Access to this type of knowledge and information provides stakeholders with powerful data-driven insights to determine how to best plan and optimize their work by avoiding rework and unplanned work.

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